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10 Questions to Ask Before You Book A Photo Booth

Photo booths are a lot of fun… But the real payoff is a fantastic looking picture that your guests will take home and share on social with friends & family. Priceless! 

Before price… Always compare picture quality!

Wedding Photo Booth

1. Quality - Quality - Quality... What are your pictures going to look like?

It seems like a simple question, but actually there is a lot that goes into capturing a high-quality photo in a photo booth. Ask the company to see examples of past photos. Do the subjects appear dark or are they washed out in the back drop? It’s the worst when everything is out of focus and your pictures are blurred because the person running the booth doesn’t know the difference between a shutter speed and an aperture setting.

Our Photo Booths are portable photography studios. We use pro photography beauty dish flashes, just like the lighting used at a professional photo shoot. This lighting insures that the photos are bright, rich with no red eye and/or ugly ghost shadows.  We also use Canon DSLR Cameras and our event techs are trained in photography. This is one of the main reasons we meet for a consultation. So you can see our work and we can understand your design needs.

2. What does the Photo Booth look like & What equipment do you use?

This may sound like silly questions, butt hey are not. Even though you see a picture of a photo booth on a website, this doesn’t mean that its what is going to show up at your event. We’ve seen some interesting photo booths out there. Some are homemade, constructed with painted wood, shower rods or exposed PVC pipe with curtains attached by hopeful first time entrepreneurs. They usually purchase their equipment prefabricated filled with cheap equipment. This is absolutely, 100%, the MOST important question you need to be asking… What kind of equipment do you use? The components of a photo booth will make or break its performance and too many companies cut corners and use equipment that is not commercial-grade or designed for high volume. The camera and the printer used are of utmost importance! EVERY photo booth should only use a DSLR or SLR cameras. Period.  And the only printer any professional photo booth company should be using is called a Dye-sublimation printer regardless of the brand.

The last thing you need is an ugly, makeshift photo booth  that doesn’t work! Disappointment at the event is way, way too late.

We’ve designed and manufactured our booths to be sexy, modern and chic. Our open-air allows us to blend in with any kind of decor… in style! Not only do our photo booths look good, they work to perfection and are equipped with best electronics on the market.

3. What is your back up plan if the Booth has a technical issue?

Maybe it’s the most important day of your life… your wedding! Or, maybe it’s an important private or public event, a product launch and everything needs to run smoothly. We’ve heard too many stories about companies shutting down and ending early because something was malfunctioning and they couldn’t fix it. Remember that every photo booth has dozens of moving parts and is comprised of a lot of electronics that work simultaneously. Let’s face it… Stuff will malfunction and break. Are their technicians trained to troubleshoot? Does the company have a backup booth, printer and/or camera?

We did a lot of research and decided to manufacture our photo booths. We designed them from the ground up. We only used the absolute best equipment possible and we update and test our booths after each use. To be truthful, creating and maintaining a system to automate great picture taking while having it print out instantly takes some technological skills. Our event techs are trained to troubleshoot and we own several booths for your piece of mind.

4. Do you have liability insurance?

We know… It’s a photo booth, what could possibly happen? The chances of something happening during a photo booth session are clearly low, but stuff does happen and when it does, your photo booth company should have you covered. Your Venue, Caterer, Coordinator, DJ, Photographer and even the Cake Vendor will most likely have insurance. It is just as important that your photo booth be insured as well. Are you hiring a professional or an amateur? This is an easy way to eliminate less professional companies and ultimately to protect yourself from incidentals. Those who run a photo booth business on the side usually do’t want to pay the costs of having insurance.

Because this is our only business, as professionals we are fully insured.

5. Are there any hidden fees?

A few times, customers have let us know that they’ve found a lower price on Groupon or a Thumbtack deal. Only to find out that the initial quote they received didn’t include all the features they expected. They were shocked to find out that the price quoted did not include $75 for props, $100 for digital copies, $50 for hosting the images online, and $50 for a customized graphic. We’re not kidding!

100% of our clients work within a budget. So, we want to be honest and upfront about how much we charge. Our rates are all inclusive, we will never charge you an extra hidden fee. All of our packages include, Unlimited sessions with prints, Premium Props, a Custom Designed Graphic layout, ZIP file of all pics, Web-Hosted Gallery, a Professional Event Tech and of course Normal Delivery, Setup & Teardown.

6. Can the photos be personalized?

Most vendors customize their 2×6 photo strips with names and date. This is called the Header.  But here again, you should ask to see what this looks like.  You should request a sample of what the end product will look like. It may not sound like a big deal but these strips are the one thing that guests hold onto long after your wedding or event.

Our approach is a little different. We offer a 4×6 photo (not a strip) and we design the entire layout to fit perfectly into the reception’s theme. We found that our clients put a lot of effort into choosing colors, fonts and theme. We work closely with our couples because we want to make sure our designs leave a lasting impression as a reminder of their perfect day! So why not give them the best?

7. Will I get a copy of all of the photos taken at the event?

I have never heard of a company not providing post event photos.  But make sure you confirm this. The delivery of those photos may vary. Usual options are DVD, Flash-drive, and/or Online Hosting. You and your guests should never ever have to pay for photos after the event.  Not only is this an insult to your guests, but you’ve already paid for them. This is where the consumer might think they are getting a bargain upfront on a discounted rental and then realize extra costs later.

We offer both… We include a digital copy of your pictures and a web hosted gallery. We don’t offer USBs or DVDs anymore because they get lost. Instead we will send you a zip file for you to download directly to your computer along with the link to your gallery. This is a service that is included in all packages.

8. How do I know which package to choose?

You might be interested in all the bells & whistles and might think that you need 5 hours of photo booth. But let the truth be told… It’s all about the line! Lines build up fast and no one likes to wait in line, especially at a wedding when you’ve have had plenty to drink and your feet are killing you.  That’s why the package you choose should really be determined by the number of guests that you are inviting.

If you have less than 100 guests attending, it is NOT a good investment to pay for 5 hours. If your guest list is over 250, you really should provide two booths to make everybody happy. It just makes sense to pay for what you need and with the money you saved, you can add an Idle hour or that Social Media Sharing Station and/or the Guestbook you really wanted. 

Here is a rule of thumb for number of guests or attendees / -/+ 60 x pictures (4×6) an Hour

30-125 people = One (1) Booth, two (2) hours
125-250 people = One (1) Booth, three (3) Hours
250-500 people = Two (2) Booths, three (3) Hours
500-1000 people = Three (3) Booths, 4 or 5 (4-5) Hours

9. Will I sign a Contract?

This is probably a no-brainer, but every photo booth booking should always be governed by a contract. A good contract should be designed to protect both you and the photo booth company. Not just the photo booth company. The contract should outline the responsibilities and expectations for both parties. Never settle for a verbal agreement, insist on something in writing!  

Absolutely! we wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. Finally... Ask about what is included in your Package?

ALWAYS make sure you know what you are getting and how many hours your photo booth rental will be.

Promotional prices might not include the following items.

  • Free access to all of your media
  • A photo booth attendant
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Props  
  •  Delivery, set up, and break down

Some companies might charge extra for them. That is why you should always ask upfront about what exactly is included. Individually these add-ons can bloat the end cost of the rental package.  Price shopping is not always a money saving guarantee.

Its common practice for companies to charge a base fee for a photo booth rental and then “a la carte” for extras. The items above should never been considered “extras” because you are booking the whole photo booth experience and they should always be included. We don’t play those games. We’ve designed our pricing to be upfront with no surprises! 

You will always be able to find lower quality booths for a lower price, but when was the last time you bought the cheapest option and it didn’t break?

Saving 5-10% on a photo booth that doesn’t work 50% of the time isn’t a good deal.

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