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“Ooh la la Booths can only sponsor a few events a year. But…”

Photo Booth Sponsorship

Don’t despair… Get a Sponsor!

Non-Profits are driven by donations, by the support of their constituents and the community. Naturally, it makes sense to save money in every way possible. Unfortunately, photo booths are always on top of the list to be cut…

But why would you want that?

Photo booths are always the hit of any party and a non-profit event is no different. In many cases, a compromise is usually made to either ditch the photo booth all together or go with a substandard photo booth that fits within the budget. That’s a mistake you shouldn’t have live with! So, we came up with a win-win solution.
The photo booth sponsor!
With a sponsor, you’ll never have to compromise!

Why this works?

Because we will custom design a template with their logo, message, contact information, etc. and it will be printed on every photo. Instead of passing out 100’s of business cards that usually end up in the trash, they will now have their info on a picture that will end up on a fridge or a desk. Ask yourself (and ask them) when was the last time you threw away anything with your photo on it? That just doesn’t happen! Not only is it a great marketing tool, it reinforces the sponsor’s commitment to a good cause and aligns their brand with the guests at the event.

Who would be interested in sponsoring a Photo Booth?

Any business owner, realtor or local business that needs or wants to promote/market their business is a great sponsor. Our experience shows that Realtors and Dentists are at the top of the chart.

This is a low cost effective advertisement tool that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. And it serves a double duty by providing a community service for your non-profit organization while delivering great Marketing/Branding. By the end of the event, we will have printed hundreds of photos with the sponsor’s information on them… Did we mention that these photos will end up on an office desk or cubicle wall, in a book (as a book mark), on a refrigerator or on a locker. Remind the sponsor that their contact information will be accessible for a long time after the event unlike a discarded business card.

In addition, if they add Social Media sharing to the package, attendees will instantly share their branded pictures on social media. With branded photos being shared on their personal social media pages, your sponsor will benefit from organic exposure and immediate brand awareness. In addition to this, attendees sharing on social platforms act as brand advocates — a huge plus for those sponsoring charity fundraising events!

We really want you to experience our photo booth at your next event. We hope this will help you find a sponsor so you can enjoy our photo booth for free!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or have any questions. We look forward to speaking with you.

Photo Booth Sponsorship

Clear Title Photo Booth Sponsorship Examples:

sponsorship opportunity
Photo Booth Sponsorship


In addition to those listed above, some other branding/sponsorship opportunities we offer include:

  • Pro-photography printed backdrops (step & repeat)
  • Photo booth touchscreen customization (Welcome screen, Thank You screen, etc.)
  • Social media sharing customization (Email Subject & Body)
  • Photo booth vinyl wrap
  • Live slideshow with advertising played in-between (separate 40″ display)
  • Green Screens
  • Animated GIFs & Boomerangs
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